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BCL Associates Ltd. is an independent private limited company of consultant engineers and planners which was established in 1964 at Dhaka, Bangladesh, by a group of enlightened, professional engineers.

BCL works home and abroad. Its international activities were inaugurated in 1991 and since then, steadily expanded and extended to the South, South-East, Central-Asia and South Africa.

BCL is a member of Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE). It is registered with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and several other international development agencies. BCL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.


BCL Associates Ltd. provides services in all branches of Engineering, Agriculture, Rural Development and Social Sciences. Full services are provided for a project from the beginning till the end, which includes preparation for initial project feasibility study, project design and development, project implementation and supervision, procurement assistance, commissioning, monitoring and evaluation and finally, technology transfer.


BCL Associates Ltd. has independent subsidiaries in Botswana, Zambia and the UK. BCL Associates Ltd. also has other subsidiaries in Bangladesh, to provide specialist services, such as:
  • Development Planning Associates for Economic Studies, Social Planning and Management.

  • Bangladesh Survey Organizing Ltd. for survey and cartography.

  • Bangladesh Soils and Materials Laboratory for field and laboratory investigation support.

  • BCL Computer Services to provide in-house computer support and to fulfill the clients' task-specific computer needs.

  • CenTR, which is a training and research unit of BCL Associates Ltd. that provides CPD and HRD training and research, and development support to the company and its clients.
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